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Griffin House - Liberty Line MetroLyrics to 'Liberty Line' by Griffin House. Well, I ran into some trouble / And headed out toward Liberty Line / I heard voices going in my head / 'You could be
Griffin House - Better Than Love MetroLyrics to 'Better Than Love' by Griffin House: Turn my life around / Fall out of You hold my hand and its
Griffin House - Tell Me A Lie MetroLyrics to 'Tell Me a Lie' by Griffin House. Dressing my voice up on the phone / Underneath the envy rotting my bones / I'd do anything to get you alone, if just
Griffin House - The Guy That Says Goodbye to You Is Out of ...Lyrics to 'The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind' by Griffin House: You don't need to change A thing about you, babe I'm telling you from where I
Griffin House - I Remember (It's Happening Again) ...Lyrics to 'I Remember (It's Happening Again)' by Griffin House. Well, my grandpa fought in World War 2, my uncle fought in Nam / My father was too young, he
Griffin House - Let Me In MetroLyrics to 'Let Me In' by Griffin House. She's out of my league / And that's the kind of girl I need / I am the underdog / But I'm about to take the lead / You
Griffin House - Missed My Chance MetroLyrics to 'Missed My Chance' by Griffin House. Passed through main street yesterday / And, oh, this town just ain't the same / Looked in the window and it was
Griffin House - Waterfall MetroLyrics to 'Waterfall' by Griffin House. Baby, stay with me / You know I will never give up / Sometimes when the rain falls down / I wait there until it is done
Griffin House - When The Time Is Right MetroLyrics to 'When The Time Is Right' by Griffin House. It can be a real long road / It can be a lonely night / When you're on your own / And you're running out of
Griffin House - New Day MetroLyrics to 'New Day' by Griffin House. A new, new day will come / When the children will run and laugh with the son / And you, you will be mine, in awhile / And
Griffin House - Ah Me MetroLyrics to 'Ah Me' by Griffin House: Winds swept across my scenes Ah me, how her winds swept across my
Griffin House - Amsterdam MetroLyrics to 'Amsterdam' by Griffin House. I went to Amsterdam / I got so lost down the way / I took the crooked path / I wish that I'd never stayed / I cannot
Griffin House - Live To Be Free MetroLyrics to 'Live To Be Free' by Griffin House. Take your hesitation / You can throw it to the wind / The anticipation is killing me again / Heres the situation /
Griffin House - Head For The Hills MetroLyrics to 'Head For The Hills' by Griffin House. I wanna know sometimes / Where I am gonna go / Outer space / We're in a black hole / I see the stars that shine
Griffin House - Volkswagon MetroLyrics to 'Volkswagon' by Griffin House. We'll get there, I don't know which way / But I feel you coming out, just not today / And I can't see that far through
Griffin House - The Way I Was Made MetroLyrics to 'The Way I Was Made' by Griffin House. I was born, and I was made / By the hands of marmalade / I've got legends in my blood / I've got Indians in my
Griffin House - Waste Another Day MetroLyrics to 'Waste Another Day' by Griffin House. It happens on the beach / When I'm drunk again and I don't want to be / It happens on the beach / When I'm drunk
Griffin House - Waiting On Rain MetroLyrics to 'Waiting On Rain' by Griffin House. There's a holy cloud rolling through the city / Yeah, threatenin' to rain / Said I've come to rest the iron / Of
Griffin House - Always MetroLyrics to 'Always' by Griffin House. You can break them down / With your highs and lows / But she's familiar with the sound / The sound you make every time you
Griffin House - Judas MetroLyrics to 'Judas' by Griffin House. I've been a figurine / In a Demon's evil plan / I've looked in the mirror / For as long as I can / But I made a deal / And
Patty Griffin - House Of Gold MetroLyrics to 'House Of Gold' by Patty Griffin. People steal, they cheat and lie / For wealth and what it will buy / Don't they know on the judgment day / That
Patrick Park – Life Is A Song MetroLyrics to 'Life Is A Song' by Patrick Park. You say life is a dream where we can't say what we mean / Maybe just some roadside scene that we're driving past /
Hurts - Better Than Love MetroLyrics to 'Better Than Love' by Hurts. Every second is a lifetime, / And every minute more brings you closer to god, / And you see nothing but the red lights, /