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Selah - There Is Power In The Blood MetroLyrics to 'There Is Power in the Blood' by Selah. Would you be free from your burden of sin? / There's power in the blood, power in the blood / Would you o'er
Yes - The Meeting MetroLyrics to 'The Meeting' by Yes. Surely I could tell when I sleep tonight / A dream will call and raise it's head in majesty / Dividing all my energy to the
Blues Brothers - Rubber Biscuit MetroLyrics to 'Rubber Biscuit' by Blues Brothers: Heere odda hilldidda hildhiruhah Juuuyr adda hilldadida jigguwah
Silk - Meeting In My Bedroom MetroLyrics to 'Meeting In My Bedroom' by Silk. Silk / 2G 2000 watts yeah yeah / There's a meeting in my bedroom / So girl please don't be late / There's a meeting
Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again MetroLyrics to 'We'll Meet Again' by Vera Lynn: ... 'Till the blue skies chase Those dark clouds far away. And I will just say hello To the folks that you know
There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood - MetroThere is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel's vein; and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains. Lose all their guilty stains,
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Smoke Fairies - Feeling Is Turning Blue MetroLyrics to 'Feeling Is Turning Blue' by Smoke Fairies. I USED TO SIT AND WATCH / THE BUILDINGS DOWNTOWN / TURN OUT THEIR LIGHTS / NIGHTS WHEN YOU WEREN'T AROUND
Timbaland - Board Meeting MetroLyrics to 'Board Meeting' by Timbaland. Clap ya hands, everybody, if you got what it takes / I'm Timbo, and I want you to know that these are the breaks /
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - The Meeting ...Lyrics to 'The Meeting' by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. Surely I could tell / When I sleep tonight / A dream will call / And raise it's head in majesty /
Coldplay - See You Soon MetroLyrics to 'See You Soon' by Coldplay: I'll see you soon. / I'll be doing my best I'll see you soon.
Cher - When You Meet A Boy MetroLyrics to 'When You Meet A Boy' by Cher. When you meet a boy / that you like a lot / and you fall in love, / but he loves you not, / if a flame should start /
Kenny Chesney - Down The Road MetroLyrics to 'Down The Road' by Kenny Chesney. When I was a boy / Four houses down from me / Was a family with an only child / She was the only girl / In this
The National - Secret Meeting MetroLyrics to 'Secret Meeting' by The National. I think this place is full of spies / I think they're onto me / Didn't anybody, didn't anybody tell you / Didn't
Level 42 - Love Meeting Love MetroLyrics to 'Love Meeting Love' by Level 42. Love meeting love / Ooh summer nights - making love / Together we`re as one - in love`s light / We have found our way
CSS - Meeting Paris Hilton MetroLyrics to 'Meeting Paris Hilton' by CSS. I, I went to the beach / The bitch was so hot / She came to me and said / Do you like the beach, bitch? / I said back /
Doc Watson - Deep River Blues MetroLyrics to 'Deep River Blues' by Doc Watson. Let it rain, let it pour, let it rain a whole lot more / 'Cause I got them deep river blues / Let the rain drive
The Impressions - Meeting Over Yonder MetroLyrics to 'Meeting Over Yonder' by The Impressions. Children, are you ready? / There's gonna be a meeting over yonder / Children, are you ready? / There's gonna
Daughtry - Start Of Something Good MetroLyrics to 'Start Of Something Good' by Daughtry. You never know when you're gonna meet someone / And your whole wide world, in a moment, comes undone / You're
Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire MetroLyrics to 'Eyes On Fire' by Blue Foundation: One more word and you wont survive / And just in time In the right place Suddenly I will play my ace
Elton John - Blue Eyes MetroLyrics to 'Blue Eyes' by Elton John: Blue eyes Baby's got blue eyes When the morning comes I'll be far away And I say
Hank Williams Jr. - The Blues Man MetroLyrics to 'The Blues Man' by Hank Williams Jr.. I'm just a singer, a natural born guitar ringer / Kind of a clinger to sad old songs / I'm not a walk behinder,
Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room MetroLyrics to 'Meeting In the Ladies Room' by Klymaxx: I'd hate to come down to their level and become a BW A basic woman but if they don't stop it's gonna get
Adele - Someone Like You MetroLyrics to 'Someone Like You' by Adele: Nothing compares, no worries or cares / Never mind, I'll find someone like you
Doc Watson - Spike Driver Blues MetroLyrics to 'Spike Driver Blues' by Doc Watson. John Henry was a steel drivin' boy / But he went down / Yes, he went down / He went down / Take my hammer and give
Frank Sinatra - Birth Of The Blues MetroLyrics to 'Birth of The Blues' by Frank Sinatra. Oh, they say some people long ago / Were searching for a different tune / One that they could croon / As only
Mercyful Fate - A Dangerous Meeting MetroLyrics to 'A Dangerous Meeting' by Mercyful Fate. Tonight the circle is meeting again / Who will be the first to fall in trance / In here nobody is sensing the
Nick Drake - Cocaine Blues MetroLyrics to 'Cocaine Blues' by Nick Drake. Got my baby dressed in white / Hey baby won't you stay the night / Cocaine all around my brain / Got my baby dressed in
Ray Stevens - Shriner's Convention MetroLyrics to 'Shriner's Convention' by Ray Stevens. Here they come down main street / Drums a flailin' and the sirens a wailin', what a roar! / Bands are a playin'