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One Direction - Little Things MetroLyrics to 'Little Things' by One Direction: Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me But bear this mind it was meant to be
Eminem - Stan MetroLyrics to 'Stan' by Eminem: One shit on the news / Tryin' to talk! Hey Slim, that's my girlfriend
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok MetroLyrics to 'One Night In Bangkok' by Murray Head: World's your oyster / One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble Not much between despair and ecstasy
Blake Shelton - Honey Bee MetroLyrics to 'Honey Bee' by Blake Shelton: You'll be my sugar, baby I'll be your sweet iced tea You'll be my honeysuckle I'll be your honey bee
RENT - La Vie Boheme MetroLyrics to 'La Vie Boheme' by RENT: Life's too short, babe, time is flying I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine / Ginsberg, Dylan, Cunningham
Harry Connick, Jr. - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ...Lyrics to 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' by Harry Connick, Jr.: Gent' But when Dukes and maharajahs pass the time of day with me I say my special word
Blondie - Dreaming MetroLyrics to 'Dreaming' by Blondie: When I met you in the restaurant
Nirvana - All Apologies MetroLyrics to 'All Apologies' by Nirvana: What else should I be All apologies
Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On MetroLyrics to 'Turn Me On' by Kevin Lyttle: You're going home with me tonight
The Sound Of Music - Do-Re-Mi MetroLyrics to 'Do-Re-Mi' by The Sound Of Music: Let's start at the very beginning A very good place to start
Dubliners - Mcalpine's Fusiliers MetroLyrics to 'Mcalpine's Fusiliers' by Dubliners. As down the glen came McAlpine's men / With their shovels slung behind them / 'Twas in the pub they drank the sub
Tool - Vicarious MetroLyrics to 'Vicarious' by Tool: That's my kind of story It's no fun until someone dies
Soundtrack Artists - Be Our Guest MetroLyrics to 'Be Our Guest' by Soundtrack Artists: Lumiere: Ma chere Mademoiselle,
Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box MetroLyrics to 'Heart Shaped Box' by Nirvana: I've got a new complaint Forever in debt
Sting - Englishman In New York MetroI don't drink coffee I take tea, my dear I like my toast done on one side And you can hear it in my accent when I talk I'm an Englishman in New York
Doris Day - "Put 'Em In A Box MetroLyrics to ''Put 'Em In A Box' by Doris Day. You can take the moon, gather up the stars / And the robins that sing merrily / Put 'em in a box, tie 'em with a
Flatt And Scruggs - Ballad Of Jed Clampett ...Lyrics to 'Ballad Of Jed Clampett' by Flatt and Scruggs: Then one day he was shooting for some food, And up through the ground come a bubbling crude (Oil that
Foster The People - Houdini MetroLyrics to 'Houdini' by Foster The People: Sometimes I wanna disappear
Ralph McTell - Streets Of London MetroLyrics to 'Streets Of London' by Ralph McTell: For one more forgotten hero, and a World that doesn't care So how can you tell me that you're lonely And say for
Erykah Badu - On And On MetroLyrics to 'On And On' by Erykah Badu: Na qua 2..3. Damn, yall feel that? Oh... Qua 2..3.
Tanita Tikaram - Twist In My Sobriety MetroLyrics to 'Twist In My Sobriety' by Tanita Tikaram: I don't care about their different thoughts Different thoughts are good for me Up in arms and chaste and
Beatles - All Together Now MetroLyrics to 'All Together Now' by Beatles. One two three four / Can I have a little more / Five six seven eight nine ten / I love you / A B C D / Can I bring my
Gilbert Osullivan - Alone Again (naturally) ...Lyrics to 'Alone Again (naturally)' by Gilbert Osullivan: But as if to knock me down Reality came around And without so much as a mere touch Cut me into little
The Police - Message In A Bottle MetroLyrics to 'Message In A Bottle' by The Police: Love can mend your life but love can break your heart