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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Wet Sand MetroLyrics to 'Wet Sand' by Red Hot Chili Peppers: I'm almost there, why should I care? My heart
Chris Brown - Wet The Bed MetroI'm gonna make you wet the bed bed bed I'm gonna make you wet the bed bed bed I'm gonna make you wet the bed bed bed I'm gonna make you wet the bed bed bed ...
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk On The Ocean - MetroLyrics to 'Walk on The Ocean' by Toad The Wet Sprocket. We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail / Where are we going, so far away / And somebody told me
Lily Allen - Not Fair MetroLyrics to 'Not Fair' by Lily Allen: Getting in the way When we go up to bed You're just no good Its such a shame I look into your eyes I want to get to know you
T.I. - Whatever You Like MetroLyrics to 'Whatever You Like' by T.I.: Baby you could go where ever you like (if you like) I said you could go where ever you like (if you like) Yeah
Gin Blossoms - As Long As It Matters MetroLyrics to 'As Long As It Matters' by Gin Blossoms. How can I find something / That two can take / Without stumbling as we / Walk into our future's wake / I'm
Prince - When You Were Mine MetroLyrics to 'When You Were Mine' by Prince: When you were mine You were kinda, sorta my best friend
Chris Brown - Next To You MetroLyrics to 'Next To You' by Chris Brown: One day when the sky is falling, I'll be standing right next to you, Right next to you. / You, Right next to you.
Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You MetroLyrics to 'Let Me Entertain You' by Robbie Williams. Hell is gone and heaven's here / There's nothing left for you to fear / Shake your ass come over here / Now
Chris Brown - Sex MetroI wanna grab your body, lay you on the sofa, And as I pull your hair, I'm gonna stroke your body make you bend over for me, And you've been waitin ...
Paul Young - Love Of The Common People MetroLyrics to 'Love Of The Common People' by Paul Young: Daddy's gonna buy her a dream to cling to And mama's gonna love her just as much as she can and she can.
Gin Blossoms - Til I Hear It From You MetroLyrics to 'Til I Hear It From You' by Gin Blossoms: I don't want to take advice from fools I'll just figure everything is cool Til I hear it from you
The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat MetroLyrics to 'I'm On A Boat' by The Lonely Island: I'm on a boat motherfucker take a look at me Straight floatin' on a boat on the deep blue sea
Prince - When Doves Cry MetroLyrics to 'When Doves Cry' by Prince: Dig if you will the picture Of you and I engaged in a kiss The sweat of your body covers me Can you my darling Can you
Jason Wade - You Belong To Me MetroLyrics to 'You Belong To Me' by Jason Wade. See the pyramids along the Nile / Watch the sun rise / From the tropic isle / Just remember darling / All the while
Cracker - Get Off This MetroLyrics to 'Get Off This' by Cracker. All these cats with holy jeans / Dirty hair and titty rings / Say, what's your scene, man? / We got these questions / Is it
John Prine - Onomatopoeia MetroForty-five minutes Forty-five cents Sixty-five agents sitting on a fence Singing, hey brother. Look what we got for you We're gonna rope off an area
Michael Franti - Hello Bonjour MetroLyrics to 'Hello Bonjour' by Michael Franti: You say youre a Christian 'cause God made you You say youre a Muslim 'cause God made you You say youre a Hindu and
112 - Peaches And Cream MetroLyrics to 'Peaches And Cream' by 112. So hot, hot / It's the S the L the I the M / Let me tell you what I want to do / Let me show you that I'm feelin' you /
EMINEM - FACK LYRICS - MetroAh ah ah ahhh (Oh god damn)(Ooh) I'm gonna fackin cum (Oh shit)(oh yeah) Fack fack faack, (Fuck I am) (Ooh) I am, I'm going to cum I'm cumming (oh yeah)
The Doors - Moonlight Drive MetroLyrics to 'Moonlight Drive' by The Doors. Let's swim to the moon / Let's climb through the tide / Penetrate the evenin' that the / City sleeps to hide / Let's
Rihanna - Sex With Me MetroLyrics to 'Sex With Me' by Rihanna: Sex with me, so amazing All this all work, no vacation Stay up off my Instagram with your temptation Hit a switch on a fake
Prince - 1999 Metro{Don't worry, I won't hurt you I only want you to have some fun} I was dreamin' when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray But when I woke up this mornin', could ...
Chris Brown - All Back MetroLyrics to 'All Back' by Chris Brown. If I had the moment / I'd capture that moment / You would be right here next to me / If I had the secret / The secret to
Ed Sheeran - A Team MetroLyrics to 'A Team' by Ed Sheeran: White lips, pale face Breathing in snowflakes / The worst things in life come free to us
David Bowie - Five Years MetroLyrics to 'Five Years' by David Bowie: News guy wept and told us, earth was really dying Cried so much his face was wet, then I knew he was not lying
Ray Stevens - It's Me Again Margaret MetroLyrics to 'It's Me Again Margaret' by Ray Stevens. Well, there once was a feller named Willard McVane / And he only had just one thought on his brain / Every
Ja Rule - Always On Time MetroLyrics to 'Always On Time' by Ja Rule. Always there when you call (Buckshots, hah), always on time / Gave you my, baby be mine / Always there when you call,